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a timeline in music

Magic Cover.png

Magic - Single
Released June 22, 2024

Get excited for my new single that just dropped with Pragmatic. Check out his stuff at the link below!!

Siema - EP
Dropping in singles starting February 22

“Siema” is my first Polish American project. It marks my transition further into my creative polish skin. The first song, “Don’t Stress,” produced by Nate Reed, exemplifies the energy I hope to bring with this project. I hope to waive honesty and genuinity into the rhythm as I explore my Polish identity and turn up. Having more experience with the creative process, I finally feel confident in showing the world my music. This will be the first project I try to promote and I am excited to see whatever outcomes proceed.

Siema Album Cover
Midyies Album Cover Art

Midyies - EP
Released August 18, 2023

“Midyies” is a collection of singles that wraps my exclusively American rap career. I had various English songs leftover once I decided to make the jump into my Polish American phase, so I summed them up in this project. “Midyies” serves as a timestamp in my creative progress featuring new experimental sounds and old gems that were collecting dust on my hard drive. As Rick Ruben says, “Art may only exist, and the artist may only evolve, by completing the work.” and releasing music is the way I complete the work.

Tapping into Polish
Upperground, Your Eyes

My final release of the string of singles was “Upperground” – the first Polish American song I dropped. Motivated by my team, I realized to find my individual sound I needed to mix the two cultures I grew up in. Writing and rapping in polish unlocked a new color in my rhythmic and poetic pallet. I could bounce between the two languages when stuck. This is when I realized I had to push myself to continue this although it did slow down my creative workflow.

Balance Album Cover Art

Balance & Collabs
Counting Bands, Balance, Eyo

The skills I learned from producing the first EP optimized by workflow and sound, sprouting multiple collaborations with different producers and artists. I released a few of these tracks as a part of my singles. It was truly inspiring to see the process of artists, and it motivated me to keep learning from the grind. Surrounding myself with better artists than me was key to progression.  

String of Singles
Grateful, Fucked Up, Believed

After the release of my EP “Call Me Pice,” I was away from my studio traveling. This gave me the opportunity to focus on my penmanship skills. I wrote as much as I could to every beat I could find. This left me a portfolio of singles which I began releasing monthly as I finished mastering them. They follow my headspace and creative energy during those months abroad in South Korea and Europe.  

Believed Album Cover Art
Fucked Up Album Cover Art

Call Me Pice!! (EP)
Released May 6, 2022

“Call Me Pice” was my first home studio project created sophomore year of college, when I first built my studio. It symbolizes the first mile stone in my creative journey. From knowing only a bit about writing and nothing about recording, mixing, or mastering, I committed myself to creating something I’m proud of. Although I knew I lacked the technical skills and experience, which shows, I learned that my idea of good gets better with time, so I just need to do what I think is good. “ Doing what’s good and what’s good is getting better!!”

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