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Artist Story

A Creative Presence

Hey, I'm Pice, a Polish-American artist in my twenties, aiming to spread good vibes and meaningful words through my music. I’m a first-generation American; my family, except for my mom, resides in Poland. My father passed away when I was six, and my mom raised my brother and me alone in the US. She chose to stay for our family's opportunity. While my brother pursued a medical degree in Poland, I stayed, completing my physics studies at Davidson College.


​Music has been my passion since I could tap a rhythm. Growing up playing drums, I later delved into production during college. I built my first studio with the help from my friends sophomore year of college, and spent most nights sleeping on a couch. The next nine months I spent abroad doing climate physics research in South Korea, studying in Greece, and finishing the year in Wrocław, Poland. This gave me a break to focus on my penmanship. Returning to campus I moved into my studio, revamping it and fine-tuning it for better sound. My love for the art has grown, and I'm starting to find my sound both in Polish and English—my journey revolves around these two words "keep creating."

Pice Goofy Photo

"Doing what's good and what's good is getting better."


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